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The Business of Services

In the competitive arena of industrial goods manufacturing services have emerged as a new source for value creation & value capture and a path towards lasting competitive advantages.

Recent leaps in the digital space – sensorization & machine learning to name a few – act as a catalyst to an accelerating development towards a service-enriched or service-dominant business model.

Your Servitization Port-of-Call

From Value Added Services to Products-as-a-Service (Servitization) concepts – the business of services comes in different shapes and forms but has a common denominator: Capitalizing on the opportunity requires firms to acquire the virtuosity to blend a service-logic into the existing – and remaining – product logic of their value chains.

This entails the definition of the service concept, the design of the service value chain and creation & orchestration of a co-specific ecosystem.

This is where SERVITIZE is boarding ship as your co-pilot for the journey from where you are today to your servitization port-of-call.

Elements of Successful Service Strategies


There are numerous options to enhance your value creation through a B2B Portfolio of Services.

Whether Services are used to differentiate the existing Product offerings or the Product itself is to be consumed in a service mode moving forward – all endevours start with a definition of the service concept.

SERVITIZE supports your transformation from the need analysis of customers to the definition of the Service Portfolio to the assessment of the business viability, the selection of commercial models and the development of a go-to-market strategy.


The Service Ecosystems expands the scale and scope of the service capabilities of the firm and play a paramount role in the creation of competitive advantages through Industrial Services.

Hence designing and orchestrating the ‘right’ ecosystem is a key activity in the development of a Services concept. Based on the defined service business model and service design SERVITIZE supports your firm with to select the appropriate partners through its ‘Service Ecosystem Fit’ model.

In addition, you benefit from SERVITIZEs intimate knowledge of the service space.


Service design is the area where the ship is launched into the water.

To prevent it from hitting the sand a well-designed Servitization value chain is mandatory.

The selected Service concept requires translation into a customer-centric set of processes which deliver the envisioned value and define the interfaces with and the smart handovers to the ecosystem.

Based on a diagnostic of the current state of your firms Service Processes SERVITIZE provides you with our proven set of Service Design approaches.







Unique Blend. Rigorous Value.

To drive superior business outcomes SERVITIZE – together with our hand-picked network of boutique advisory firms – uses its unique blend of proven classic and contemporary approaches.

From rigorous value creation & value capture analysis to tailored Design Thinking methods – which we adopted to the B2B context – or the Business Model Canvas SERVITIZE commands the right concepts for every domain alongside the Servitization journey.

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